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S.U. Closure

"Dear all,


It comes with the deepest regret that Surviving United will be closing its doors on the 16/03/2020 at 17.00. 


As most of you are aware I cut down on the services that SU provided as after 2 years of working alone, covering between 12-20 hrs per week of 1-2-1's and 11 groups per month for male and female survivors of abuse as it became to much as I am a survivor of childhood sexual abuse myself.


Over the last few months I have began to realise what an affect the last four years have had on me and it is now time to put some hours into my own journey and spend time with my own family.


Throughout the four years of  being open we have had many survivors find the strength to walk through those doors to find support amongst others that truly understand how it feels to have been abused.


This is one of the toughest things I have done in my life but I have given my all and now it needs to be my time. 


Please pass this message on to all your contacts so that this reaches as many people as possible 


Thank you all for your support.



Angela Marnoch"