About us


Surviving United was formed by Angela Marnoch, Lisa Ambrose (both survivors of childhood sexual abuse from family members) and Lucy Attelsey on January 16th 2016. We originally met at a survivors group in Norwich Norfolk.

Angie had struggled for many years looking for help and support and Angie wanted other survivors to be able to have what she knew she needed so much. We started out self-funding in January 2016 in Kessingland Church vestry which was free until we got funding through Community Action Suffolk to start up at The Kirkley Centre which then grew to cover Great Yarmouth at the Victim Support building.




We have a very simple dream for Surviving United, that's to be there when you need us. To be that listening ear when you need someone to talk to. We want to help as many survivors as possible, to help them regain control of their own lives.

We can only do this with support from our sponsors and by private donations. This financial support is our lifeline, so if you can donate, how ever little then please do get in contact.



To be that listening ear when you need someone to talk to.
"Some of our survivors have been here from the start and to watch them grow, become more confident, learn to set their own boundaries and start to smile makes all of what we do so very worth while. There will always be bad days but as time goes on, these slowly become less and less until the better days take over."