We are fully compliant with the new General Data Protection Regulations (2018)

Responsible Persons: Angela Marnoch & Tracey Weaver

Surviving United will collect referral from, name, address, phone, medical conditions, emergency contact and consent forms for media, events and monitoring forms.

Data will be stored in secure locations and is only accessed by staff at Surviving United.

Surviving United will hold this information in case a service user is taken ill during group sessions or 1-2-1 support.

Surviving United will store service users information for 6 months after their last visit, after this the data will be shredded and if the service user decides to re attend then a new referral form must be completed.

Service users will opt in to hold data by signing the referral form.

Service users have the right to see any personal data that we hold of them.

Deceased persons information will be shredded

Data breach; Individual/organisation will be spoken with by either Angela Marnoch or Tracey Weaver.

Date: 23/05/2018
Review date: 23/05/2019

Mobile Number: 07900 391412

Email: Survivinguniteduk@gmail.com

Supporting Survivors of abuse.